If you are ZOHO CRM user, here are steps to add it to your Clodura account.

Prerequisites: #

How to generate ZOHO API Credentials#

(If you already have an account, then login with your existing email id)

Note- It is mandatory to use https://clodura.ai for ‘Authorized redirect URLs’

How to Generate the Grant Token:#

To generate the Grant Token in ZOHO Accounts (https://accounts.zoho.in/developerconsole)

Add/Update to Zoho:

Now, click on companies to search for your ideal buyer.

When you select the company, which you want to add in your CRM database, below are the steps:

Preferred contacts are the key contacts of the companies that you have selected as per the seniority level

All Contacts means all the selected companies contacts will automatically get added to your CRM

Show Contacts:

Select the companies and click on show contacts:

Here, you select the companies and can also add them directly by clicking on Add/update to Zoho

Add Company contacts

Click on the person icon and you will be navigated to the contacts page to selected company.

From here, you can add the contact to the Zoho CRM.

Here is the check list for the integration of ZOHO CRM to Clodura Account

      **Zoho Account**

1 Prerequisites API Credentials Client ID Secret ID

2 Grant Token Number